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The Poetry In Mindfulness

Teacher: Linda Kaoma
Cost: 3 days accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Sunday 12 June 2022 - Wednesday 15 June 2022

linda kaomaLinda Kaoma’s poetry workshops are spaces for mindfulness, reflection, and self-care. She fuses poetry writing with meditation, yoga, breathwork, and meditative movement. Poetry’s emotive quality lends us the space to explore our feelings and experience deep moments of reflection. It also allows us to take ordinary realities or stories and adorn them with figures of speech and other jewels, thus allowing us to rethink, relook and refeel our current lived stories and narratives. This poetry workshop will include time for play to indulge our inner children, and will include more than just literary exercises - it will also include drawing and visualisations. We need to play in order to learn, thus playing during a poetry workshop will help us learn more about ourselves.

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Linda Kaoma is a poet and literary curator who has performed and curated events in numerous countries in Africa and Europe. She is passionate about exploring new places to house literature and new ways of exploring literature. This passion led her to explore the importance of poetry in African cultures especially as a facilitator for health in her dissertation for her Health Humanities Master’s degree at the University College of London in 2020. Her current interest is fusing her poetry with other healing modalities such as meditation, yoga, and African spiritual cosmology. For the past three years, she has been a part of and a facilitator for the Life Righting Collective which believes in the healing power of writing. As a facilitator for poetic life writing, she is interested in discovering the metaphors and the rhyme of one’s life.