Vacancy at the Buddhist Retreat Centre: Kitchen Manager/Chef

 We are looking for a dynamic Kitchen Manager/ Chef to join our team at the BRC. You will work alongside three wonderful and experienced cooks who have between 11 and 24 years of experience in our kitchen. Lindiwe, Dudu and Lungi have taken our vegetarian meals to new heights as showcased in our three successful recipe books “Quiet Food”, “The Cake the Buddha Ate, and “Plentiful”.

The requirements for this position are as follows:

A passion for food! You need to have some knowledge of food and meal preparation.

Stamina! Chefs and kitchen managers work long hours and are on their feet all day. Happy guests are your reward.

People Skills! You will be working alongside cooks and housekeeping staff, and will be engaging with guests on a regular basis. People skills and a warm smile are therefore required.

Attention to detail! An appreciation for detail is important to us at the BRC. Our guests are top priority and at all times we ensure that their needs are met as best we can.

Organizational Skills! Our kitchen is a busy and dynamic environment. You will need organizational skills in managing the day to day affairs of the kitchen and dining-room. Weekly menus need to be planned and our fresh produce and dried goods ordered in.

Creativity! A creative flair will go a long way in the presentation of meals that should be a feast for the eyes.

Humour! An ability to laugh at yourself and keep things light will make your stay at the BRC a memorable one.

This is your chance to live and work in the picturesque surrounds of the Buddhist Retreat Centre. As this is a volunteer position we would ideally like a candidate who can offer a year of service to the Retreat Centre.

Please apply to: louis@vanloon.co.za or finance@brcixopo.co.za.