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Going Deeper Into Flow: Applied knowledge creates wisdom and flow

Teacher: John Homewood
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Sunday 03 May 2020 - Tuesday 05 May 2020

john homewood nov2019If you want sanity, then the focus of your life must be the present moment
Looking for your identity in the past or for fulfillment in the future is madness - Eckhart Tolle

John Homewood’s insightful wisdom teaching will help clear your mind of its emotional and mental attachment to, and ‘stuckness’ in the past and future, enabling you to move into Flow. This two-day extension of Awakening To Flow will deepen participants’ understanding and practical application of Flow. This retreat will be a deeper, intimate, transformative exploration; a clearing away of old mental cobwebs and inviting the potential of Awakened Flow into your life. Clear the blockages you carry in life, set yourself free and unleash the flow of abundance, love and the joy of living.

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John Homewood is an international inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, personal growth facilitator and spiritual life coach. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of Wisdom to Nourish.  His early career in the corporate world was a steady climb from sales to senior management, and by the age of 30 he became a director of a publicly listed company before leaving to start his own business. He has a passion for expanding people’s awareness and understanding their potential. He has the ability to impart deep truths in an easy and understandable way.