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Deepening The Healing Art Of Reiki : Reiki: Levels 2 and 3

Teacher: Katherine Fillmore
Cost: 4 days accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Sunday 15 March 2020 - Thursday 19 March 2020

katherine fillmore Reiki Level 2
At this level of reiki practice, you will learn to apply the healing effects of reiki on others. Two more sacred symbols will be passed onto you: the Distance Healing Symbol and the Emotional Healing Symbol. You will learn how to use reiki as a means of empowering others. Students will receive their second attunement in which their vibrations are tuned to a higher level. The use of distant healing will be taught. Students will be shown how to meditate deeply at this stage so that the foundation that you have built for yourself since level 1 comes into play.

Reiki Level 3
At this level you will make a commitment to reiki in your life and progress to become a Reiki Master. You will receive the Master Symbol and the Tibetan Fire Serpent Symbol which is used during the Master attunement process. You will learn how to pass this attunement to others, and to take on students of your own. Some Reiki Masters never teach reiki, but they are able to use the Master energy on others and apply it in their own lives.

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Katherine Fillmore is a director of  Hennops Blue Horizon which works towards healing our rivers in South Africa and a qualified Hatha yoga, meditation and Reiki teacher. She has been teaching yoga for ten years and has a yoga studio in Pretoria. She conducts Reiki and meditation courses and works as a Reiki healer from home and in hospitals. Before working as a yoga teacher, she was a professional photographer. Currently, she channels her creative energy into painting in water colour and oil.