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Stoep Zen: Living a Zen life in South Africa

Teacher: Antony and Margie Osler
Cost: 4 days’ accommodation + R450 surcharge
Dates: Thursday 09 August 2018 - Monday 13 August 2018

anthony-and-margie-oslerStoep Zen means to apply traditional Zen Buddhism to contemporary life in South Africa - to be able to meditate in a chair on a stoep as well as on a cushion in the meditation hall.  This is a Zen retreat that makes a bridge between formal Zen practice and daily life. It includes meditation, talks, exercise, interviews and fireside chats and is held in silence.


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Antony Osler was the first meditation teacher at the BRC in the early 1980’s. He spent some years as a Zen monk with Joshu Sasaki Roshi and later received inka from Zen master Dae Gak of Furnace Mountain. A legal arbitrator in his professional life, he has published three popular books on living a Zen life in South Africa: Stoep Zen, Zen Dust and Mzansi Zen (Jacana Media). In 2016, he was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal of the University of Free State for exceptional services to the country.  He lives with his family on a farm in the Karoo where he sits on the stoep, meditates in an old shearing shed and holds Zen retreats with his wife, Margie.

Margie Osler is a senior student of Zen Master Dae Gak. She leads Zen retreats jointly with her husband, Antony, and runs regular workshops for abused and traumatized children.