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Body Sensing: Feed Me Green! The art of harmony, balance and flow

Teacher: Yasmin Lambat and Nicholas McLean
Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 29 September 2017 - Sunday 01 October 2017

yasmin-lambetnicolas-mcleanEnlightened healing methodologies tend to revert to ancient and traditional insights. These held that traumas - be they emotional and psychological or physical and organic - involve both the body and the mind. They avoid the drug regimes advocated in modern allopathic medicine which tend to divorce the mind from the body. Body Sensing is a Somatic (mind-body) healing therapy that uses the body’s innate wisdom to release tension and negative feelings and helps to rewire negative moods through centering and re-aligning our sense of being through movement and mindfulness. Mindfully integrating breath, mood and movement promotes a sense of harmony, balance and flow, which has proved to be particularly effective for people suffering from stress and anxiety and the resulting physical symptoms such as chronic back pain, migraine fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions. If moods and emotions influence body physiology, how do they influence the food choices we make and how can we learn to choose more wisely? Embodying mindfulness by eating with more awareness is a powerful way of developing both physical and emotional well-being.

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Yasmin Lambat is a Mindfulness Coach and Somatic Movement Therapist, registered with the International Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists Association (ISMETA) in the USA. She believes that physical health is an embodiment of how we feel, and influences our overall well-being. She was always curious about the mind, but never considered that the body/mind could be one she experienced it in her own body. That turning point led her to study and research the scientific literature on the body/mind connection and how moods and emotions influence body physiology. She established her own Somatic Mindfulness practice called "Body Sensing", which helps to restore energy, vitality and integrity (a state of being whole) using mindfulness and movement inspired by yoga, tai chi and other Somatic practices like Feldenkrais.

Nicholas McLean finds purpose in helping people to experience healthy living through mindfulness, eating for vitality and growing energising food. His discovery of the healing benefits of eating simple whole food has led to creating smoothie, juice and salad cleansing programmes that can be easily created in any kitchen. As a wellness coach, his relationship with food wasn't always a healthy one until an enlightening journey through India led him to becoming a vegetarian Yogi. Being receptive to life's lessons, he has adopted a moderate and holistic approach to wellness.