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Discovering The Power of Chanting: Five Tibetan rites and the purifying power of sound

Teacher: Sally Bosch and François Möller
Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R. 350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 02 June 2017 - Sunday 04 June 2017

sally-boschfrancois-mollerEnjoy the wonder of the human singing voice. The healing power and expressive nature of singing appeals to all aspects of our being, including our intellect and our emotions, and can spiritually elevate us to states of blissful ecstasy. By combining correct breathing techniques with chanting and deep stillness, and discovering the true origin of your voice, the sound will be refined. François and Sally combine forces to take chanting - and your voice - to a new level of expression and beauty.  We will focus on sacred chanting, incantations and repetition of mantras which form an integral part of most religions, including Buddhism. The harmonious sounds open the heart to joy and can be transformational. We will alternate breathing techniques and chanting with deep stillness, purifying sound in your body, mind and speech. By Sunday, the Ixopo hills will truly be alive with the sound of chanting. The Five Tibetan Rites, also known as the Fountain of Youth, will be a perfect complement to the retreat.

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Sally Bosch Her practical studies in comparative religion brought her to a point where she  put her past behind her and joined the BRC as a volunteer, and immersed herself fully in the Buddhist experience for half  a year. The Centre is a place which has provided her with much of her inspiration over many years to write her poetry and short stories.

François Möller obtained a B.Mus. degree from Wits University in 1995, majoring in voice and composition. During his student years he sang leading roles in many productions and after graduating was a soloist for PACT Opera. In 1998 he left for Germany to take up a position as soloist at the Lüneburg State Theatre. On his return to South Africa, he was a finalist in the Opera Queensland YA Singing Competition, and changed focus from opera to light music, focussing on jazz. He is currently teaching voice at Wits University and other institutions. He recorded a CD in 2007 which includes some jazz standards as well as his own compositions.