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Decisions! Time To Reminisce, Reflect And Re-assess: we'll give you the space and silence

Cost: 2 days’ accommodation
Dates: Sunday 01 January 2017 - Tuesday 03 January 2017

sandg9It is difficult to make decisions about important issues in your life when you are immersed in them. You need some distance from them, physically and psychologically - to see them clearly for what they are. Only then, can you gain a fresh perspective on them. So, if you feel like you need a gentle, uncluttered space to tune into what lies ahead in 2017, this largely unstructured weekend will prove useful. Experience sunrise chi kung or yoga, followed by meditation, after which the centre is yours to enjoy, walking or birdwatching in 300 hundred acres of rolling hills and indigenous forests. Circumambulate the labyrinth, meditate in the Zen garden, and spend solitary time in the deer park and at the dam, stalking the light and gazing at clouds. The BRC provides an ideal opportunity to be in a sympathetic space to reflect on the things that crowd one’s life: to just be…