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Grounded In Space: A tai chi - chi kung retreat

Teacher: Alex and Jeremy Lister-James
Cost: 2 days' accommodation + R. 150 surcharge
Dates: Friday 09 December 2016 - Sunday 11 December 2016

alex-lister-jamesjeremy_lister-jamesThis workshop introduces participants to the ancient tradition of tai chi and chi kung - practices which generate a profound sense of composure and balance through slow, gentle body movements. These are designed to release our Life Force, the Chi, which is visualised as a current of energy that can be made to circulate without obstruction through our bodies and minds, bringing with it a deep sense of well-being, vigour and health.  These movements have been fine-tuned over many centuries and are performed in a relaxed, meditative manner. They are elegant and exact, simple and flowing and can be learnt by anybody.

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Alex Lister - James initially studied the Yang Form of tai chi as a form of “moving meditation” before incorporating chi kung in her practice, together with sitting and walking meditation.  She has attended retreats at the Buddhist Retreat Centre for 30 years.  In her professional life, Alex is a Health Professional in private practice, focusing on the health of women and children.

Jeremy Lister-James is a horticulturist who has been involved for many years in social, ethical and environmental standards in the agricultural sector, part of which is the provision of carbon footprint assessments.  His broader philosophy includes Deep Ecology and teaching tai chi and chi kung.