Detailed List of Retreats

You Can't Fill The Hole In Your Heart With Food: Developing a mindful approach to eating

Teacher: Richard-John Chippindall and Xenia Ayiotis
Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R. 350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 18 November 2016 - Sunday 20 November 2016

rj-chippindallxenia-ayiotisAs a practice, mindful eating can bring us awareness of our habits and thoughts around food and our bodies. This workshop is based on a combination of Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness and Intuitive Eating Principles. The focus is on creating a healthy relationship with food using a non-judgemental and compassionate approach to re-learning internal physical and emotional cues to guide us when, what and how much we eat. The workshop covers how to deal with cravings and urges through the development of mindfulness skills. It also draws on techniques from cognitive behaviour therapy that enables us to become aware of and manage our sometimes destructive patterns and habits around food, eating and our bodies. We will also look at emotional triggers that can lead to overeating and binge eating, and how these may be effectively understood and dealt with.