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Mark Making - The Essence Of Calligraphy. A gentle introduction to formal Western calligraphy

Teacher: Anne-Marie Moore
Cost: 2 days accommodation +R400 surcharge
Dates: Tuesday 20 September 2022 - Thursday 22 September 2022

anne marie mooreFrom the moment we pick up a stick to draw in the sand, the urge to write is created. In this retreat we search for tools in nature which will start us on our inventive journey. We will create a concertina book using our own textured backgrounds which will allow us to weave letters and words into lines and spaces. There will be time for silent, mindful explorations in nature and space to sit and meditate as we place pen to paper.

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Anne-Marie Moore is a pre-school teacher specialising in Music and Art therapy. She presented her first calligraphy class in 1982 and has since taught at various calligraphy seminars around South Africa and studied in the US, England and Europe. Her other passions include travel within Africa, languages and working with refugee children in India, Kenya and South Africa. She does support work with The Teddy Bear Foundation and also enjoys writing poetry, painting and reading.